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 Helping you get your best nights sleep.

Sleep is for wimps.  I’ll sleep when I’m dead.  These are common phrases that we hear from people all the time.  Yet, the truth is, we spend more than 1/3 of our life sleeping and how we sleep effects everything we do in our lives including our memory, weight loss, our moods, and aging.  The importance of sleep cannot be underrated and is as critical as diet and exercise in order to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

At Hibernate Bedding we focus on the individual customers’ needs and works closely with our clients to find the perfect bed that will best enhance their night sleep.  With so many choices and so much noise in the market, it’s no wonder many people look at mattress shopping as a chore instead of a pleasurable experience.  Hibernate Bedding changes that by offering a warm, comfortable, educational and affordable shopping experience focusing on the individual.

In order to get a better nights rest, there a few things that need to be examined.  The mattress that a person sleeps on is the most critical component, but not the only.  The pillow, the position a person sleeps (back, side, stomach), temperature and the overall room feel, are all factors that influence sleeping behaviors.

Memory Foam is the New Innerspring

If your mattress is over 10 years old, it is likely not providing the proper support and comfort it once did and it is time for a new one.  There are many choices out there and while innerspring beds are still very popular, memory foam mattresses have taken over as the dominate choice in the marketplace.  Hibernate Bedding carries TempurPedic  memory foam beds which are two of the best-selling brands in the market as well as Beautyrest innerspring beds.  The benefits memory foam beds provide are numerous including reduced motion transfer so your partner does not disturb you in your sleep, increased pressure relief as the bed conforms to your body better than an innerspring mattress and memory foam beds have a much longer lifespan than traditional innerspring.

The temperature you sleep at is important to getting a good night sleep and a range between 68-72 degrees tends to be optimal.  TempurPedic make beds that provide an enhanced cool sleep, and if neither of these beds suits your needs, Dri-Tec makes a sleep cool mattress protector that can go on any mattress.

Another type of mattress in the market is latex; this natural product provides a conforming effect like memory foam, but a springier feel.  These types of beds also use fewer chemicals and are more natural than memory foam.  Hibernate Bedding sells, a 100% organic latex mattress made by OMI Mattress.  This bed is the purest bed in the market and is hand-made in California.

Zero-Gravity in Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are the new rage and are no longer just for “old” people.  Adjustable beds offer both health and lifestyle benefits and can be used on all memory foam mattresses and many innerspring mattresses as well.  Adjustable beds provide hundreds of positions to suit the individual needs of each person.  One of the biggest health benefits is that you can sleep in a “zero gravity” position which slightly lifts the head and feet.  This position alleviates pressure off the back, allows better circulation and can help digestion.  Besides the health benefits, an adjustable bed removes that need to prop up pillows to watch TV or read; with a push of a button, you are upright and supported.

The Pillow

Proper spinal alignment is critical to getting a good night sleep and 75% of that responsibility falls on the mattress, but the pillow accounts for close to 25% of spinal alignment.  Using an improper pillow can cause neck and back pain, as well as poor sleep.  When shopping at Hibernate Bedding, we make sure that you use the right pillow while trying out beds.  There are different pillows for side, back and stomach sleepers.  Hibernate Bedding is carrying a line of customizable down pillows from The Pillow Bar.  Every pillow made by The Pillow Bar is filled with 100% Hungarian goose down and includes a custom embroidered 300 thread count cotton sateen protector and an aromatic French lavender sachet.  The pillows were designed with consultations from a neurosurgeon and a chiropractor to ensure the product is perfectly paired for each consumers unique sleep preference and physical size.

The Overall Bedroom

Not only are the pillow and mattress important, the overall feel of your room creates an energy that can improve your night sleep.  From the sheets to the scents in the room, your bedroom should provide a sense of relaxation.  At Hibernate Bedding, we are not just a mattress store; we offer fine linens from Peacock Alley and Jonathan Adler, as well as candles and accessories.  All of these elements combined help create a wonderful sleep experience and allow you to Hibernate in Style.

Luxury for Less

We know that mattress shopping has gotten a bad rap over the years:  sleazy salesmen, false advertisements, hard to comparison shop.  That is why at Hibernate Bedding we promise to make it better.  We focus on our customers, only offer the highest quality product and will always match prices.  At Hibernate Bedding you get Luxury for Less.

We are also a local operation that donates a percentage of sales to charity, has art work from local artists on the walls and is eager to promote the economic well-being of the area.  We look forward to helping you get your best nights sleep so stop by and get a free consultation on your sleep.


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