Nature's Spa Luxury Firm

Natural Comforting Talalay Latex
A mattress made with latex is the ultimate in natural luxury. It has a plush feel that conforms instantly to embrace your body’s unique shape. The resilience of the latex distributes your body weight evenly, reducing the pressure that causes tossing and turning.

CertiPUR-US® Foam Core
The coil-free, soy based core is CertiPUR-US® Certified and offers greater stability and durability.

Quilted with Care and Comfort in Mind
Each Nature’s Spa® mattress is wrapped in a BCI stretch knit cotton fabric and quilted to natural fibers, such as silk, organic wool and natural FR rayon, to effectively wick away heat and moisture, regulate sleep temperature and provide comfort on the sleep surface.

Cooling Gel Quilting Foam and Lumbar Support                      The introduction of Gel to foam INCREASES SUPPORT for the body while maintaining the utmost level of comfort and a cool sleeping temperature.

20 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

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