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Good Stuff to Know

What does Your Sleep Position Say About You?

October 31, 2014

How you sleep says a lot about you. Now, we’re not talking about that quiz you took online the other day that told you if you sleep in the fetal position that you’re tough on the outside and sensitive at heart. While some studies analyze sleep positions and personality traits (like this one), others focus on how your sleep position affects your health.   Here’s what you need to know how you sleep and what it means for your body:   Fetal position: sleeping all curled up on your side may be super comfortable (after all, 40% of the population does it!), but it’s not ideal. Sleeping in the fetal position inhibits deep breathing and puts strain on your neck... Continue Reading →

Sleep More for a Slimmer Waistline

June 18, 2014

In their now well-known 2008 study, Drs. Francesco P Cappuccio, Frances M. Taggart and Michelle A. Miller concluded that short sleepers (people who get less than five hours a night) are at an increased risk of obesity. That’s right, sleep less, weigh more. The study showed two trends: that people of a healthy weight tended to sleep longer hours than those considered obese and that “a reduction of one hour of sleep per day would be associated with an… increase in BMI,” i.e., a you’ll gain weight if you lose sleep.  Fair enough, but why? What about our sleep habits relates to our weights? Turns out, a whole lot. The most obvious reasoning is that if you get less sleep... Continue Reading →